Kaleidoscope of Dance & Gymnastics offers the following classes

 September through June



Preschool Classes 

Ages 18 months - 4 years

Dance With Me

Age 18 months - 2 yrs ~30min.

Children will be introduced to basic dance and movement through the use of scarves, musical instruments, and other developmental materials. Emphasis placed on following basic instruction while developing and enhancing gross motor skills and an introduction to ballet. Parents are welcome to accompany child for the first half of the year and then our viewing area allows for parents to watch while your child achieves confidence and pure enjoyment from their dance class. 

*Children do not typically take part in our annual recital.

Preschool Dance

Age 3 - 4 ~ 45 min.

This class offers an introduction to dance in a combined class of ballet, jazz and tap. Gross motor skill development and dance education. Children will gain a love for dance, performing and making new friends along the way.

 Hippity Hop

Age 3-7 ~ 30 min.

Boys and girls will absolutely love this class. Students learn the latest dance moves and hip hop rhythms to the latest top 40 hip/hop music. This class is always a big hit! A great way to obtain physical fitness, coordination and FUN!

Our Preschool classes are designed to encourage self confidence with a focus on gross motor skill development and an introduction to dance education. Your child will gain a love of dance and performing in a nurturing and structured environment while making friends.

Recreational Dance Classes

Ages 5-18 

Our dance program has been designed to grow with your dancer

and offers a variety of disciplines. 

Emphasis will be on proper technique and execution.

 Dancers will progress as they gain

self-confidence, discipline, strength, love for the art of dance and build friendships along the way.

Ballet is the "backbone" of all dance training. In ballet students will learn Grace, Elegance, Technique, Discipline, Flexibility, Stamina, and Endurance.

At Kaleidoscope we strongly encourage all our students to take ballet class.


Age 5-18 ~ 45min - 1 hr. 

This class is for the dancer wanting to learn ballet technique and terminology in a classically disciplined and structured 

curriculum. Dancers will learn grace, elegance, and flexibility. Dancers will be trained by our professional  ballet instructors and will be challenged along the way. Ballet is the backbone of all dance training.  


Ages 5 - 18 ~ 45 min.

This is for the dancer wanting to learn tap technique and terminology. 

Tap/Jazz Combo

Age 5 - 7 ~ 45 min

A combination tap and jazz will be taught focusing on basic techniques. Self-confidence and a love for dance and music rhythm will be enhanced while performing in class and making friends.

Musical Theater

Ages 5 - 18 ~ 45 min.

This class incorporates everything that makes dance FUN! Broadway style choreography and show stopping stage presence is what you will get with this class. Students will learn through improv, acting and interpretive movements while feeding their creativity in a fun upbeat class. This is always a favorite and tends to fill fast.

Hip Hop

Age 5 - 18 ~ 45 min.

This class is for the dancer wanting to learn a more funky and contemporary style of dance in a fun upbeat class, dancing to current and old school hip hop.


Ages 5 - 18 ~ 45 min.

This is for the dancer wanting to learn jazz technique and terminology along with proper alignment. This high energy class will have you turning, leaping,

and dancing across the floor in fun combinations. Watch as your Dancer becomes more confident and experienced.


Age 5-18 ~ 45 min.

This class is for the 

student interested in combining ballet and jazz technique in order to execute a more fluid and expressive form of dance. 

Dancers must be enrolled in a Ballet class. 

Tap / Jazz Combo

Age 8+ ~ 45 min

This class is a combination of both Tap and Jazz. Dancers will receive a 1/2 hour of training in both disciplines. They will begin with basic instruction and progress throughout the year.  


Age 5 - 18 ~ 45min.

This program is for the beginner dancer looking to improve tumbling skills that can be incorporated into dance routines. Cartwheels, back handsprings, aerials. Focus will be on the proper ways to execute these skills. Dancers will progress through our leveled program as the become more confident and experienced.

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