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What to Wear

Camper should wear comfortable clothes. No jeans, hoods, buttons, zippers, or shoes will be allowed in the gym. Many camp activities do get messy so it is best that you leave the nice clothes at home.


What to Pack For Lunch

A Healthy well balanced brown bag lunch is suggested along with a few healthy snacks such as fruit/veggies, yogurt, and crackers. Please pack plenty of water. (Water bottles are available to purchase for $1.00) Please No Heat Ups!


Please Remember

  • Campers should leave all electronic devices and personal belongings at home. KODG will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items.

  • Please write your child's name on all belongings such as clothing, lunchboxes, and water bottles.

  • Campers are encouraged to bring an extra change of clothes.

  • All Camper should be able to use the bathroom unassisted.

  • All Camp Forms must be filled out and returned along with current physical form.


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