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Classes Start
September 11, 2023

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Gymnastics Schedule 1.12.24.png

Check out our  Drop-in class schedule!

2023 - 24 Pricing

There is a $45 Membership Fee, due at time of Registration, along with your first Month's payment.  These payments are due the first of the month. All classes require pre-registration, including drop in classes. Please register prior to arrival.

Dance Classes

30 Min Class  -  $62.00 per month

45 Min Class  -  $74.00 per month

60 Min Class  -  $84.00 per month

Performance Team Ambassadors  -  $164.00 per month

(includes additional core class and one competition entry)

Dance Team -  Please contact the office

Music with me  -  $32.00 per month  (save $2 per class)

or Drop in!  -  $10 per class

*Annual tuition is divided into 9 equal payments!

Gymnastics Classes

45 Min Class  -  $107.00 per month

60 Min Class  -  $112.00 per month

90 Min Class  -  $139.00 per month

Xcel Gym Team  -  Please contact the office

Play Gym -  $8.00 per Class

Open Gym -  $15.00 member   $20 non-member

*Annual tuition is divided into 10 equal payments!

Teachers and class times are subject to change. Classes must have a minimum of 6 students to stay active.

A Debit or Credit card will need to be kept on file. We accept:

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